Some notes on the character's designs:

  1. The vamp assassin will have a bodice and high collared shirt, riding pants and boots. The vamp assassin will carry an assortment of knives and a primary blade, most likely a blade designed for stabbing and NOT cutting or slashing. She will most likely wear a half-length cape to conceal some smaller armaments. Accessories may include explosives that discharge blinding smokes, fogs or hazardous powders. Lore vampires have retractable fangs that protrude at will from above the upper right and left cuspids (not sure of the importance yet, but probably worth noting regardless).
  2. The werewolf will have very little torso clothing, mainly a traditional long wrapping from below the knee to above the waist and decorated facial hair. The werewolf monk may wield such things as a wooden knot, carried in a sling made of leather strips or a netting of rope with a thick rope handle. The wooden knot holds a reservoir of old, earthen magic. Another instrument is a demon spool, or "spirit spool", a small item that spins like a top and hovers in the open palm, capable of exorcism, spiritual guidance or other forms of divination. Our guy will more likely use it to bolster Manus Magus to concentrate spiritual energy, meditate or defend.
  3. The merfolk tribeswoman will have a shorter wrapping, tattooing (scarring), long dreadlocks that are tied back, a sash with netted pouches for glass globes or vials + a ko'ong knife, and broad beaded neckwear (See Niza's Merfolk design [not the original one] in the slideshow in 5/3/2012). The tribeswoman's spear will have a head resembling an assegai spear. The ko'ong blade looks like the sword version of a khukuri.
  4. The gemseeker will wear clothes that signify them as nobility, but 'active', fancy things meant for outdoor wear. They'll also wear protective leather gloves, and spectacles. The spectacles don't correct vision, they actually detect the behavior of otherwise invisible magics. He will also sport lots of functional magic accessories. He will also wear a gunbelt. The leather gloves are customizable; they have sockets which gems can be shaped and inserted into, which affect its powers.


Some Visual designs!
  • Oi'alli (Merfolk)
  • Oi'alli (original design)
  • Werewolf design
  • Werewolf design